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Ammonia Cleaner:
Ammoniated Cream Cleaner

Ammonia Cleaner is a cream hard surface cleaner incorporating a surfactant blend with ammonia for fast and eective soil removal from a variety of surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning baths, tiles, stoves and surfaces which are painted or unpainted etc.

Ammonia Cleaner MSDS Sheet
Ammonia Cleaner TDS Sheet

Dishwashing Detergent
General Purpose Liquid Detergent

Dishwashing Detergent is a highly concentrated liquid hard surface cleaner which conforms to SANS 825. It is ideal for hand washing applications as it is extremely mild on the skin. Dishwashing Detergent easily and quickly penetrates and loosens protein lm, greases and even hard-to-remove stains. Dishwashing Detergent is eective in hard or soft water and suds will stand up to heavy soil loads. An easy to use liquid, Dishwashing Detergent mixes instantly, drains and dries quickly with no spotting.

Dishwashing Detergen MSDS Sheet
Dishwashing Detergen TDS Sheet

Window Cleaner
General Purpose Liquid Detergent

A concentrated liquid glass and window cleaner formulated to remove oils and industrial airborne contaminants with ease, leaving a clean streak free surface.

Window Cleaner MSDS Sheet
Window Cleaner TDS Sheet

Pine Gel Disinfectant
A Pine Fragranced Ammoniated Gel Detergent

Pine Gel Disinfectant is a green ammoniated gel detergent with a pleasant pine perfume. It is formulated for eective cleaning of most hard surfaces. Pine Gel Disinfectant is ideal for cleaning and deodorising baths, wash hand basins, toilets, tiles, walls and doors.

Pine Gel disinfectant MSDS Sheet
Pine Gel disinfectant TDS Sheet


Shower Gel
Liquid Body Shower Gel

Shower Gel is a pH-balanced and perfumed gel for all over body use. Shower Gel has been specially formulated with mild detergents and skin conditioners, to ensure gentle and eective cleaning of the body.

Shower Gel MSDS Sheet
Shower Gel TDS Sheet

General Purpose Cleaner And Degreaser
Biodegradable Water Based Degreaser

General Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser is a concentrated alkaline cleaner containing a synergistic blend of synthetic detergents and organic solvents intended for the cleaning of surfaces soiled with oil, grease and similar soils.

General Purpose Cleaner Degreaser MSDS Sheet
General Purpose Cleaner Degreaser TDS Sheet

Shower Cleaner
Shower Cleaner and Sanitizer

Shower Cleaner is a concentrated alkaline cleaner containing a synergistic blend of synthetic detergents intended for the cleaning of surfaces soiled with oil, grease and similar soils. Shower Cleaner also contains a powerful sanitizer, which is eective against most gram positive bacteria, yeast, mould and viruses.

Shower Cleaner MSDS Sheet
Shower Cleaner TDS Sheet

Toilet Bowl Sanitizer
Biodegradable Water Based Degreaser

A thickened acidic liquid cleaner containing a synergistic blend of surface active agents, viscosity modiers and acidic materials, primarily intended for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorising all sanitary ware, e.g. urinals, toilet bowls etc., where stains have to be removed.

Toilet Bowl Sanitizer MSDS Sheet
Toilet Bowl Sanitizer TDS Sheet

Laundry Detergent
Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent is a biodegradable liquid laundry detergent specially formulated with an excellent eco-toxicological prole containing a synergistic blend of synthetic detergents and organic solvents for low and high temperature washing of all fabrics with the exception of silk and wool. It is ideal for washing fabrics with most types of soils in automatic washing machines or for manual washing. Laundry Detergent is not recommended for articles soiled with blood or proteinaceous matter.

Laundry Detergent MSDS Sheet
Laundry Detergent TDS Sheet

Laundry Powder
Concentrated Low Foam Laundry Powder

Laundry Powder is a concentrated laundry detergent formulated to effectively cleanse and brighten laundry whilst prolonging fabric life. Low foaming for use in automatic washing machines, Laundry Powder contains a blend of optical brighteners, colour safe bleach and anti-redeposition agents. The colour safe bleach in Laundry Powder works at low temperature (35-40°C), thus oering a cost saving over laundry powders, which require high temperature, washes to be effective.

Laundry Powder MSDS Sheet
Laundry Powder TDS Sheet


Environmental Policy

Hygiene Systems is a privately owned group that provides advanced controlled dispensing systems, and associated services, to businesses worldwide. Constantly challenging convention and tradition, Hygiene Systems use state of the art technology and expertise to reduce the impact of hygiene consumables and services on the environment.


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